Wednesday, April 27, 2016


aren't these two just so cute?
i love being able to capture such moments..

These past few weeks, maybe even months, I started thinking about love.
What is love?
I love the people around me, my family,
but is that how it will feel when you fall in love with the one?
I don't even know how I love. I mean, I don't know the feeling of loving my family, 
I just do. I just really do love them.
But is that it?
Alright then,
how will I know when I start loving him?
How will I know he loves me?
will he really?

because, you see, 
i want to love and be loved..

Monday, April 18, 2016


a continuation for..

DISCLAIMER: there may or may not be exactly ten tips. all these tips are collected from either my own experiences, or people close to me who have been in similar circumstances.

..and say good morning whenever you can. 
This is just a plus, once again, for you. Teachers feel good, students see that you're not some hostile animal, pluses all around. Make an effort whether you're feeling it or not, just don't overdo it. 

this. this is even smiling and it's cute 

Not of yourself. Please, not that. 
I'm talking about your expectations of how college and the people there are and should be. Maybe the title should be changed to: Don't Expect Much. Meaning, it's not going to be a walk in the park. Or maybe, it's just going to be a walk in the park. Don't expect to come in and having everything go perfectly, and especially don't go in expecting tons of new friends. Which goes on to my next tip:

Be prepared for heartbreak. And lots of it.
I think this concerns the friendship aspect more than anything else. I came in to college slightly - okay, not slightly. more like very much - expecting that I'm going to befriend people, or that people will befriend me and we will live happily ever after. Ta-da-la-la. I'm sorry. I'm a sucker for such things. I know some of you, realists, probably sighed deeply after reading this. That's okay, my family does that all the time. 
One thing is that most students in college don't care much about making friends. At least they give off a very good impression that they don't. Which is sad.
Even if you befriend them, people in college will come and go. Some are finishing up, some are transferring soon somewhere else, and who knows maybe something else. There is this guy I met in one of my classes who I've become closer-than-others-to, and BOOM! he'll be gone next semester. I almost cried. 
And you might too. 
So be careful..


*whispers* i know how it feels..

Please, if you don't understand something, talk to your teacher. Email, face-to-face, whatever will help you understand your situation easier and better.
Raise your hands even!
You're doing this for yourself. If you don't understand something, you won't understand whatever is related to it, and then it ends up that you don't understand anything at all. 
Although I'm pushing you so much on this, I just want to say that I don't do this enough. I actually hate doing this and I practically never do. I'm terribly shy, if you haven't yet noticed so this is something I have to work on constantly. So we can work together.

This is just something everybody most definitely should do, but nobody really does, while knowing that they most definitely should. This is basically something I'm throwing out because.. you just should.
and so should I..

*THIS. this is the most accurate description*

Just thought of this one at the last minute, but I'm so glad I got it in before I posted the.. well, post. Probably when learning something new, do it a couple times the right and taught and long way. But then..

There's nothing wrong in trying to figure out what's best and easier for you. Because what may work for one, doesn't work well enough for another. And everyone has their own way of facing and solving a problem. You know how they say, the fastest way is the way you know best. 
And, obviously, watch it, okay? Don't do something crazy and say it was just your own way of doing it. There are places and there are times, and you gotta know where to do your own "thang". I'm telling ya'll this because I believe you are all very godly and moral citizens. 
don't let me down..


In the midst of all your studious learning and time-consuming whatever, don't forget to enjoy this ride. Who knows how long it's going to last, so enjoy each moment and live it to the fullest.. back again to slamming your 100 down.
make your memories... :)


so, thanks for staying for the second part of 10 Tips for Surviving College. 
Hoped you liked it, and if you didn't.. well, make your own tips and follow them to your heart's desire. Hah. MAKE YOUR OWN SHORTCUT. get it? no?.. okay.. 

I think you should to able to get that^ 


Yay, I'm trying a different color, hah.
Anyway, if you enjoyed this, comment below and tell me..
what you agreed the most with?
what's something you do different?
what's something you want to hear next?

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I don't know how many of you are homeschooled, but from the many blogs I've visited, I'm guessing quite a few.
Whether you are or are not homeschooled, it doesn't really matter. I just happen to share an instant personal connection with those who are, or were homeschooled, because I've been in your shoes, sister/brother/person/citizen. And it sure was one of a ride!
I'm glad it's over.
Don't get me wrong. I do not regret being homeschooled. And if I have children, I will do my best to see them homeschooled. Personally, I believe homeschool does have a lot of positive influence on one's life; although, I must say, there are a few minuses. But that's for another time.
The reason why I started with post about college with homeschool, is because, usually, after you're done with high school, you tend to go to college to further your education. Duh. That's what happened with me. (although I'm still not done with high school. i'm working on that at the same time I'm in college.. mwhahaha)
Anyway, it tends to be quite hard - especially on the homeschoolers, who have never, or close to never, been in public schools - to go to a public college. Not because they might have problems with socializing to real people (don't ever think that way about us - even though it's true), but because the schedule, rules, and curriculum are totally different from how it was in homeschool. You basically wear mismatched clothes and eat/sleep through all the classes in homeschool.
No..? Am I...the

Soo.. shall I begin?

DISCLAIMER: there may or may not be exactly ten tips. all these tips are collected from either my own experiences, or people close to me who have been in similar circumstances.

Oh yes, trust me, it's very scary. I know. Going into a room full of stranger danger people and maybe somehow having to interact with them, one way or another? TERRIFYING. My hands shook nonstop the first two weeks. It was that bad for me. But then, after a while, I found out that college students usually don't bite. And neither do the teachers. All you have to do, is to be chill and take it all in stride. You're not here to make bffs with everyone. And I bet the same goes for them, too, however sad it seems. 
But if you do panic, that's okay. It's normal. It's not as if after this semester I won't panic for the next one. Trust me, I will. 

Do everything. As soon as you can. Whether it's homework, classwork, registration, anything, get it off your chest. I also know this very well. And I can't stress it enough - actually, more like my mum can't. I know media somewhat glorifies procrastination - even though it says it's bad - but procrastination is not cool. It's not. It messes up your life and your priorities, and makes you miss out on important things that happen exactly when you're finishing your work the day before it's due. So do what you need and go live in peace. I'll catch up with you in a sec *get it? get it?*

Okay, so this is a very important one. I learned that carrying food with you - whether a granola bar, a drink of some sort, snacks - will never do you any harm. Food will actually keep you from harm. 
Hungry = Angry = Hangry
Yah. Don't mess with that.
Especially if you have at least four classes, like I do, without any breaks. Only five minutes to go from one class to another. Which is horrible. 
Also, don't be ashamed of eating your food. Unless it's all over you, you have to full right to eat whatever and however you want. You're hungry, you have full permission. 

just don't eat in classes where the teachers are mean..

This tip is probably the most controversial one of all. It was a very hard one for me to understand, even more to accept. I still can't even fully accept this. What I'm trying to say is, if you're working on some type of paper or project, talking about your ideas and your understandings and what you think, won't really get you anywhere. Teachers and professors want to hear what they want to, not what you say. This is unfortunately very true. And I'm not the only one to think so. If you want a good grade, you basically gotta suck up and tell them what they want to hear and read. I've tried both ways, and this is just how it is. I know, I know. It feels as if you're somehow betraying and demeaning yourself, and it feels horrible. I protested against this constantly in the beginning of my semester, but then I had to give up. I'm not saying to stoop yourself down everywhere and forever, but in most cases you will have to do so to get your good end. 
You can do whatever you want later, when you've got your doctor's degree:P

Basically, whatever you do, put in your 100 down. Slam it. You'll always feel better too. Even if you are sucking up, do it well. Haha..

..but seriously.


This is it!!! 

haha just kidding. The second part is almost ready and will come out soon. 
It just turned out to be a very long post and I didn't want to have it big. Plus, I get to have a ready post for next time. Which is... 


If not at the end of this week then most certainly next week.


tell me what you think! 

do you agree/disagree? what can I add? any questions?