Wednesday, April 27, 2016


aren't these two just so cute?
i love being able to capture such moments..

These past few weeks, maybe even months, I started thinking about love.
What is love?
I love the people around me, my family,
but is that how it will feel when you fall in love with the one?
I don't even know how I love. I mean, I don't know the feeling of loving my family, 
I just do. I just really do love them.
But is that it?
Alright then,
how will I know when I start loving him?
How will I know he loves me?
will he really?

because, you see, 
i want to love and be loved..


  1. "Sometimes love isn't fireworks, sometimes love just comes softly." This sums up the way I view love. But have no fear. You are not alone in trying to figure it out-- guessing what the future will be like-- and trying to give yourself a glimpse so you can be sure when the time comes. :)

    1. And I haven't forgotten your guest post! I'm STILL working :P


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