Tuesday, May 26, 2015


(that's a French hello for you there)
You basically know something good is about to happen when a person says 'hi' in a different language. *spoiler alert* But seriously, try noticing this.
I have a surprise for you guys!! It's an interview time with Olivia Williams from Life as a Young Lady! Over the last week we have sent out 15 questions for each other and then our answers. So, keep checking her blog for her interview questions with me.. tadadada!!!

Here it goes:

1. if you could change your name, would you? I wouldn't! My name fits me so well, and also it was handed down to me from my mom's side of the family, so I want to keep it.

2. what was/is a nickname you always wanted to be called? I was really always okay with just "Olivia" haha. But now my mom insists on calling me "La-La" (long story originating with my little brother), my extended family calls me "Livvy" (a common nickname that I guess I can't complain about), and my friend will not stop calling me "Olive Tree". Like??? I know my name literally means "olive tree" but does she have to call me that?

3. would you rather be invisible or have the ability to fly? Being invisible would allow me to take food without my parents noticing. Also I could sleep as long as I want without them knowing where I am. Since food and sleep are my top priorities, I'm going with invisibility.

4. what is something silly you've always wanted to do? I...have no idea haha. think it's silly that I want to make a successful studio film one day...but I don't know if that actually counts as something silly.

5. do you go more for style or comfort? Comfort for sure. I like looking good (just went shopping yesterday holla) but if the clothes aren't comfortable, then I don't want 'em.

5. what is your favorite quote? "Am I more than you bargained for yet?"--Fall Out Boy, Sugar We're Goin Down

6. would you rather go to a museum or a theater? Museums are nice, but depending on what's being displayed in the museum, I'd rather go to the movie theater (unless the museum is like a Marvel museum or something awesome like that) 

7. what is a quality you look for when you meet new people? A sense of humor like mine. Also music and TV/movie taste that is at least similar to mine.

8. would you like to have the life of a celebrity? NOOOO. I feel like once you become a celebrity, you sort of sell your soul to it--you don't have a life anymore; paparazzi follow you around; nothing is private; people basically treat you like you're not a human and don't deserve to have a normal life. I never, ever want to be a celebrity. Ever.

9. what are three things you really like about yourself? Ooooh...this one is hard. I guess that I'm not fake, I'm Christian. and that I don't like Twilight.

10. what is your favorite flower (other than a rose)? I don't know any flowers but the rose haha. I guess sunflowers.

11. what was the last serious question you've asked/needed an answer for? "Can I sleep over at Melody's house?" (If you don't think this question is serious then you don't know my parents.)

12. are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert for sure. I get literally physically exhausted by being around people for too long.

13. what's your favorite song? Currently I'm loving My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy and Elastic Heart by Sia and the Weeknd.

14. what is one thing you regret in life? Wanting to grow up. I wanted to be older so badly when I was younger and now that I'm hearing about all the terrors of high school and college and taxes and other bleh stuff that comes with life, I just want to go back to being three years old.

15. what is something you want? To move to Georgia. I've been wanting to for like a year now. I really hope it happens.

excuse the double 5, I just noticed it right now.. :S
I made Olivia answer a question more.. Mwahaha!!! 

Soo.. it's so much fun getting to know people in the blogging community!! And it's totally sweet to get new friends that you probably would never have met otherwise!! Go and check her blog out too.

Hey, Olivia.. we have many similarities;))


  1. DUDE. (Sorry, I have a habit of calling people that when I'm excited :P) I just read your interview on Olivia's blog, and I loved it!! We have so much in common. :) Also, I think your blog is one of my favorites too! Hopefully we can do an interview sometime. I'd love to interview you!

    1. Ahaha! Thanks a lot! Means very much to me as well :D We should definitely do an interview!!! I can try emailing you and see what time would work best:)

  2. OMG GIRL.

    You and me'll both be in the successful studio film...okay? okay. YEAHHHHH.

    Loved this interview :)

    1. Thank you very much Autumn!! <3

  3. this is a fun idea to connect with other bloggers! :)

    1. It definitely is, + it's actually a lot of fun too!!


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