Tuesday, May 12, 2015


What if I read to you a story,
Starting; "Once Upon A Time",

And you realised that it was your life,
Spelt out on every line,
Would you hear my voice with wonder,
As it brushed across each word,
And pray my arms had strength to hold,
The truth about your world,
Would your view on life be different,
And would it shock you most to find,
That the things you thought defined you,
Could be summed up in just two lines,
And all the ones you took for granted,
The ins and outs of every day,
Play a bigger part in who you are,
Than you'd ever dared to say,
Would you wonder at the pages left,
And all the places that they'll lead,
Then vow to make each moment,
One that you'd be proud to read,
Because there is a story of your life,
But it's you that holds the pen,
And I hope you fill the pages right,
Before you reach the end.
~ e.h.

Day 8:
Things that make you sad? 
Books and real life situations where a person is treated cruelly and with injustice //  sometimes how the judicial system is built, in fact, the WHOLE system and it makes me more mad than sad // when older people in restaurants sit by themselves - heartbreaking // bare trees in the fall // knowing the way to help a person but unable to do or say anything until they understand the situation themselves // thinking about all the time I've have wasted in my life // when I realize that how much of my life I've used up wishing for something that turned not even half as great // songs like "You Can Let Go Now, Daddy" - *where's the tissue?!* // ...I had such a good one just now but it slipped out from right under me.. ugh! I'll put it in as soon as possible..

If you want to guest post here, go ahead and let me know. I'd LOVE that:) 
I'm bad with guest posting myself but interviews shouldn't be a problem (+ exchangeable ones).

What's one thing that makes you sad?


  1. OH NO. *thinks about how much time I've wasted in my own life* this has ruined me.

    Really nice poem. :)

  2. Hey, I just found your blog & I know I will be back. It's good, and a 365 day blogging challenge? You go girl. :)
    One thing that makes me sad.. The lack of care in the world. The fact that people out there are dying, and nobody cares. I want to be different...
    Anyway, I like this poem too - Erin Hanson is one of my favourite poets. :)
    God bless,
    Jessica :)

    1. Haha thank you Jessica!
      But that's true.. so much bad things happen and everybody just walks by..But you can do it, I know you can!

  3. Wow...now I'm feeling really serious and solemn. That poem spoke volumes, and the things you mentioned are just making me think. a lot.

    1. I really like these poems because in everyday life, it stops you and forces you to think more about what's ahead and opens up the bigger picture. I'm glad you like it, Erin Hanson is very good at this:)

  4. What you wrote is so true. I always try to talk to my friends and family about how serious life can be and they tell me I watch too much television. But that's not what it is; life is actually that way, people just don't want to believe it.

    I'd love to exchange interviews with you! I've been doing that a lot lately on my blog haha

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. I feel like shouldn't television make you view life in a more non-serious way? And I totally agree with you! But you keep living this life right! You go girl!

      Okay great! If we could somehow get in contact using emails that would be great!

  5. That. Poem. Was amazing. I loved it- it touched deeply.

    1. That's what I felt like when I first read it!

  6. Beautiful flower picture and thought-provoking poem.


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