Tuesday, July 28, 2015



this is getting completely messed up..
even the photos from my old posts won't show up.
I guess it all sinks down to the point that I changed admins, but still this is very sad and frustrating. I'm very disappointed. Oh 🐳..

Well, on a lighter note, I made a new page THE BUCKET which is basically a bucket list of sorts. I have only one up there right now because I forgot most of them already, but that would be totally sweet if you left a couple of YOUR ideas for a bucketlist ☺

Also, if you have any ideas for topics you would like to see on here or anything similar,
please don't hesitate to comment because honestly that really makes my day and stuff:)


please bear with me while I set up all this inconveniences☻

btw, follow me: 
IG: nameisayiram
twenty20: mazik

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  1. aww...my deepest sympathies. really. that really sucks that you lost all of that....sorry. at least your followers are still here <3
    i'll go check out your bucket list right now ^_^


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