Thursday, April 16, 2015


My brother (I'll call him P so not to mix you all up with the other five I have) and I went on a forest adventure yesterday. The word adventure might be slightly exaggerating; it was mostly all about taking pictures in a forest environment. But the butterfly feeling of an adventure was still there in my stomach. 
P used to be a photographer by profession. Now, it's a hobby whenever there's time, I guess. But it's a total inspiration being there with him and hearing him describe how to look for something fascinating in a seemingly boring place. Photography is truly such a beautiful thing to ever happen. And anyone can use it and do it. The forest might seem nothing special; the same silvery brown bland hues everywhere with a few little green plants peeking out every now and then to give at least a slight pop of color. But here's where you and the camera come in.
You are the main and most important factor here. It's all about how you see your surrounding. And the camera helps you accomplish that. It's a tool you use to give more detail to what you see and how you see it and what you want to focus on. I honestly have no words right now as how to describe photography. Maybe one day, when I'll finally understand the world, I'll tell you how it's done.
Now, the adventurous side. The forest was pretty scary. I now can honestly say that I do understand how people get lost in forest. Like seriously 100% understand. The fact that everything, everything, is the same color, I think that alone is enough for you to go berserk! After a while, it seems as if all the trees are the same and everything is the same and how do you get out of here?!? Seriously.
The other creepy thing was that after a little way into the forest, we happened upon a mattress. An old, mossy, little mattress. How. Disturbing. Is. That?!?! Farther in, there were more old, rotten, dirty and mossy and completely decayed wooden and wired bed stuff. The whole scene was pretty intensely eerie. But pretty fun nonetheless.

me crawling through the forest
beautiful flowers
eerie ruins left in the forest


Day 3:
What do you think is your reason for being here?

This was and is a pretty difficult question to answer. From a worldly point of view, I'd maybe say something similar to being here for my family, accomplishing something in this world whether for humanity or myself, or maybe just surviving. But I clearly disagree with that. I truly think there's something more to me and everyone else being here. I decided to ask my father.
My father is a big role model for me, both in his actions and words. He is someone I greatly admire especially in his spiritual knowledge. When I came up to him with this question, I wasn't exactly sure how to put it in such a way that I could explain what exactly I was looking for in an answer. But I think I got what I came for.
God created us. He created us so He can love us and we can love Him in return. I asked, "Why? What's the point in that if people still reject Him?" Well, what's the point in having children, then? Why does a mother want a child so? To want to love and cherish and to be loved and cherished in return. It seems so complicated but so simple. And now, at least I, understand my reason for being here.

(I really need to learn how to write better, don't I?)

What do you think is your reason for being here?


  1. i like ur forest pics it mustve been real cool to go to a forest and i love ur blog do u think u could check out mine


  2. Hi Ayiram! I just happened upon your blog and enjoy the photos. What a pretty shot of the flower! Also, I couldn't help but notice your cute outfit and backpack. :)

    1. Aw, thanks Paige! <3

  3. This photography is gorgeous! I love your backpack in the top photo, so cute <3
    Milly x


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