Monday, April 20, 2015


I love Sundays. I can go to church, fill my head and heart with the Word of God to think over the week.

Our church is very small, about around 60 people, but I love it very much. That's the good thing about a small church. You get to know everybody. And you get to know them know than just a-face-you-see-every-Sunday.

Well, I've seen some OOTD's (outfit of the day) around other blogs and decided to try it. I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of myself or having others do it - because I only have brothers or my parents to do it and, believe me, that gets awkward - so I just took a picture of the clothes. I'm also not a huge fashion enthusiast, well maybe, but I like dressing up every once in a while so I hope you enjoy this:)


shirt - Sear's 
skirt - Target
knit cardigan - garage sale
watch - birthday present

The best thing about this whole outfit is the fact that none of these items cost a lot. Basically, nothing in my closet costs too much of a pretty penny. I've had a couple but they were either totally worth it or very much regretted.
The pencil skirt is probably one of my favorite buys as I've been looking for one that's modest and at the same time pretty cute; it was only around $7!!
The price for the shirt was $7 as well. Pricey, but it's just too cute.
My mother bought the cardigan at a garage sale for about $.25 or $.75. This is exactly why I love garage sales :)
The watch I got from my brother on my birthday - like two years ago? It's very slender and chic and I wear it whenever I go out.

If you like this OOTD post, please let me know so I can do more:)


Day 5:
Something you would change about the world?

A million things and probably everything. But, honestly, I don't care. I just really really want the Lord to come faster and take us all home. I'm tired living in a world full of sin and grief.

That is that.


  1. Very cute outfit! :) It sounds like you got everything for a great price. I like the lace on your top.
    Good point about your Day 5 question. We can make some differences, but we can't really change the direction the world is going. We can look forward to the coming of Jesus (and tell others about Him)!

    1. Thanks Paige! And I definitely with you. We can't change the world but we can change ourselves <3

  2. Super cute!
    I LOVE garage sales too!

    1. I know, right?! They're like the best!!

      Thanks Jessi!! <3

  3. We are also waiting Jesus to come.
    Love your blog. Love your outfits. Love garage sales as well.
    - you know who I am 😉

    1. Molodtsi! Haha stalker... lol just kidding!! Love you so much!!! <33

  4. Cute outfit! I always love great deals on clothes! You have an awesome blog! :)

    The Style Roll

    1. Thank you Sydney!! <3

  5. This outfit is adorable!! I looked at your blog and had did a double take because I think we both have the same blog design, with some variation. :)

    1. Hmm.. yeah! Something like that!! Love yours so much more though lol!!! Thank you for your lovely comments<3

  6. I love it. I love that outfit. It's beautiful. I would so wear it.

    Yeah. I love it. ♥

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! No, literally, thanks:)


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