Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Oh my goodness. PEOPLE. 



The thing is, we're having tons of people staying over at our house for the next couple days. And when I say tons, I mean, tons. Not only coming over, but sleeping over. And I'm not sure if I'm supposed even stay in my room. MY OWN ROOM. Either that or, I share. But c'mon. Who shares beds these days. Who even shares at all these days. Like seriously. 

If you haven't noticed yet, I have problems with hospitality. I mean, sure! come over and let's drink tea and stay up till 3 in the morning and have ocean deep conversations. Let's! But DO NOT make me share my bed or, even worse, move me from my own room. It's actually called 'my room' for a purpose you know. 
But, on the bright side, we're actually having people over. Should be fun, ya'know? Ohh.. I didn't even mention why we're having people over. That's because there's going to be this congress of like so many churches combined and they're all coming here, to my home state. Yup. This is where the congress will take place. Annnd, I might actually even go to the congress because of my two amazing brothers. At first I thought I won't since there might not be enough room, but I asked my brother today and he said (whispered), "YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS." So I guess that's a yes?! I mean, I'll take that!

But I'm so nervous!!! I might have to talk to people and I not very good at that stuff!! Especially the guys. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The GUYS. 
I'm more of the you-talk-to-me-I-might-talk-to-you type of gal. Seriously. I won't chatter my head off unless I'm like SUPER comfortable with you or I have no choice but to talk to you. Yeah. 

Them nerves.


Day 6:
What's something you would change about yourself?

A LOT of stuff.

But most importantly, all lot of my bad habits that I've formed and that have grown quite some roots over the years. Yeah, those. I wish that I would've been very careful watching my actions and thoughts. I know that there still is a way to dig them out and I'm still trying, but now that will take so much more work than it could have. 

I know that I'm not quite answering the questions directly; I have to say that I try. I do. It's just that when I'm thinking about how and what to answer, the answers just slip out of my mind. When I see the question for the day, I'm like, "Pshh, easy as PIE." But then I start trying to answer. Yeah, right, easy as PIE.  

Yeah right. 

QOTD: what's your favorite color?
AOTD: mine's green, as of right now. all shades of green.  

By the way, do ya'll want any OOTD of the outfits I'll wear for the three day congress?


  1. Hee-hee, sounds scary...I would probably be nervous with a bunch of people I don't know staying in my house too! :) I'll pray for peace.
    That's probably a good answer to the question. There are so many ways we can grow!
    My favorite color is blue, specifically greenish shades of blue like turquoise, teal, and aqua.

    1. Hah! Yeah! But we've met them today and so far so good. Thank you Paige!!
      YAS!! The greenish blues are lovely. UGH! <3

  2. Oh, I know that feeling! My sister and I used to get kicked out of our room a lot when we had company because we have the second master bedroom. We had to bunk with our brothers! Scary, I know. Thankfully, we have a guest room now, so hopefully that's in the past!

    1. Yup. Yup. See! You know how I feel. As of right now, I'm sleeping on the couch. *throwing mini pity party* But hopefully it'll all be worth it:)

  3. aww, i feel you girl. hopefully they won't kick you outta your own room =) Oh, I know how you feel. GUYS & TALKING TO GUYS. oh the nerves.

    1. Hahaha too late for that! But the guy part, it's horrible!! I'm trying to improve myself on that as well, but it probably won't start anytime soon:P

  4. That was my life when it came to guys.
    Just wait for that man that lets you be completely who you are without fear or a care in the world! Those are the keepers :)

    1. I definitely hope I'll be able to know one. Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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