Friday, April 17, 2015


Hey guys! It's officially (in my world) SPRING! How fantastic is that? I am definitely ready for some warmer weather and thunderstorms and clean fresh air. Hope it stays this way for a looong time. 

I love how we have all these different fruit trees in our backyard. It makes spring time so special with all these different blossoms blooming at different times. We have apple trees, and pear trees, and cherry trees, and an apricot tree. Though I'm pretty sure I left something out. *cheesy grin*
Oh yeah, was it the banana tree? But it doesn't blossom. At least not yet. And probably not any time soon.

Our apricot blossoms..

Apple trees starting to bloom.

Apricot blossoms blooming.


Day 4:
How do you think you're life would change if you achieved your dream? 

Taking in consideration that my dream right now is to get my life in as much order as I can, I'd say my life would change pretty nicely. Imagine, schoolwork always on time, piano practices every day, and knowledge expanding. Basically an almost perfect life. And no, I do not wish for a perfect life. I wish for a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life for my Savior. 

Better go work on that, huh?

QOTD (question of the day): What is the best compliment you have ever received?


  1. sweet post :) I just stumbled on your blog, and it's awesome. I love the design :) those photos are drop down gorgeous <3
    - autumn

    1. Thank you, Autumn!! You're too sweet!! I love your blog as well:) <3

  2. My family used to have a peach tree until my father killed it on accident with weed killer.

    QOTD answer: I don't really get compliments a lot. Sometimes people say they like my glasses, which is nice seeing as I'm forced to wear them. hahha

    1. The poor tree lol! But the glasses thing, I get you. Have to wear glasses as well. And since nobody gives you any compliments, though you definitely should, I'll go ahead: You're funny (in a good way, because all the posts you write gives me at least an outward smile and a ROTFL-ing inside); you're very very pretty; and you definitely have a 'radiant' outlook on life. -see what I did there? :)


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