Monday, April 13, 2015


A little episode of our lives came to a closure.
Today my brother and I had probably our last IHOP breakfast. Remembering it makes me so sad. We made friends with the waiters and almost never had to look into the menu. We always ordered extra extra extra whipped cream, and they always made sure we had extra extra extra whipped cream. They asked us little questions about our lives and we, in turn, asked about theirs. I wonder what they will think happened to us if we don't come anymore. For the possibilities are endless of what could have happened to us. Or will they forget about us?  
I genuinely hope they have the best in their lives.
"There's always a reason for meeting the people we met." 
Day 2:
Something illegal that you consider should be legal.
The right to own chickens and such on your property without having to ask the consent of your city. Like come' on. We had chickens once but were ordered by the city to remove them. Well, I think that was more because of a neighbor's complaint (the chickens didn't even make that much noise). But still our city won't let you own chickens unless you have so much land. I get upset just by remembering about all this. The chickens were the cutest things ever!


  1. I absolutely love the idea of your 365 day challenge!!! I can't wait for more posts ♡ your blog is ADORABLE, I love it so much! Oh and thanks for your comment on my post! I replied just a minute ago ;) hehe



    1. Oh my WORD. Thanks!!! :) Made my night! <3

  2. Mmm, I've never been to ihop (I'm welsh) but it looks sooooo good.
    I never knew that you had to have permission to keep chickens etc... on your land, I agree with you - as long as they're causing no disturbance and being treated properly why should you have to?
    Love your blog, it's gorgeous! <3

    Lauren ~ Pretty Things And Polka Dots

    1. IHOP is amazing. We come there only for their pancakes and waffles because they're delish:)
      Thanks Lauren!!! :))))))) <33

  3. Those pancakes look a-maz-ing. #want
    Your bog is adorbs, btw. for some reason your follow button isn't working :/


    1. #forreals lol

      That's not good. Like AT. ALL. But thank you for mentioning:) Can't let it stay that way, can I? :P

      Thanks for everything though:)


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